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The Artists’ Advice

1,000 artists share everything about Making a Living from Art

by NOENGA® Vocation for Art

Are you dreaming of turning your art passion into a successful career? Then Start Now! The best documented account of art-career development ever collected (1,000+ pages of content). Unquestionably the most comprehensive research ever performed, based on solid international crowd-wisdom. With advice from artists and art-businesses worldwide, this is an essential guide for those who want to make a living from art.

English language. 1,000+ Pages of content. Multi-device/Formats: Pdf, ePub, AZW3/KF8 (Kindle/Amazon).
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e-book & book

Steal like an artist

10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

by Austin Kleon

A true creativity booster! This is a very original, visual, easy to read yet powerful book that can help artists and creative professionals in the creative process. If you are stuck, tired or out of ideas, then grab this book from your shelve to reenergises, think differently and get going again.

Available in several languages. For example: English, German, Spanish, French.


1001 Reasons to love the earth (1 Earth)

Great World Art Collection

by NOENGA® Vocation for Art & the 2000 Foundation

1001 Reasons to Love the Earth offers an opportunity to make an exiting "artistic trip around the world", treating the eye to a great cultural experience and an educational highlight. Part 1 "Earth" offers the first 128 artworks of the book serie.

151-double-pages (302 single-pages) e-book. Package includes pdf and ePub (fixed layout)
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