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Latest blog articles

13. September 2017 |
Advice  |
Misha Stoutenbeek

To make a living from creating art, a dream shared by many.
However, not many artists like the idea of creating with the single goal to make money. Most of you probably agree such a mindset is not the best way to start. We also know about doing it all and only for the love of art, the myth of the starving artist and recognition after death, which don’t seem to be really attractive alternative perspectives...

12. August 2017 |
Inspiration  |
Misha Stoutenbeek

A selection of great quotes in the spirit of Vocation for Art, the quest for success in art and creativity. May they give you inspiration and enlighten your coffee moment! :)

14. July 2017 |
Opinion  |
Frans van der Beek

When I confront a work of art of an old master (or not so old) I am sometimes smitten by the soul of the work. It speaks to me; it moves me. It tells me a story that I can unfold myself. When I look at a work of Damien Hirst I only see the outside...

04. May 2017 |
Opinion  |
Frans van der Beek

You can send your contribution to my private email address and I will add you to the army of protesters against the derailment in the international art-world...